About Us


We strive to live and promote a healthy life through our connections and creations. The care and commitment we place into each hand-crafted blend, package, and contact remains an integral part of our core values.

The term Belas translates to “Beautiful” in Portuguese and remains a central focus of our mission. To create beautiful products for your overall wellbeing, living and style.

Our journey was cultivated in 2019 following a desire to combine quality products with a love of exploration. Here at Belas Company, we integrate the love of adventure and travel with the artisan creation of specialty teas, spices, and other products that promote a quality, holistic approach to life.

At Belas Company, we believe that natural beauty starts with our relationship to ourselves and each other. We believe in the healing and revitalizing power of plants, and that pure, simple ingredients are deeply nourishing. Our tea selections offer antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties which can contribute to your overall wellness. We prioritize quality above all else, and that is why we are striving to bring you hundreds of delicious organic loose leaf teas.

Our essential oils, body scrubs, creams, and skin care products are crafted from natural and simple botanical ingredients. Those same qualities are also present in our spices, and other products offered throughout the company. Recognizing  the potential health benefits of teas and other beverages, unique selection of blends and hard-to-find spices coupled with other products offered were created with our customers in mind.

Although we're an independently owned small brand in sunny Florida, our picks and formulations are infused with a personal desire to create valued products from around the world through personal exploration. Here at Belas Company, most products are handmade and packaged for our customers.

 Our philosophy calls for an unyielding commitment to conform to strict safety standards in order to deliver quality products to our customers, our extended family. By choosing Belas Company, you can rest in the knowledge that our products are not only premium and competitively priced, but responsibly sourced and discriminately chosen for its quality.

Our vendors and brand relationships are ethically collected from around the world. Here at Belas Company, you’re paired with organic and enriching products from New Zealand, South Africa, China, Hawaii, London, Spain, and of course, other premium herbalists and farmers right here in the USA.

Our value proposition remains to support a community of health and wellness enthusiast while providing a glimpse into the various locations where products are sourced. We’re humbled by your support and consider it an honor to serve you.

Be Well, Be You~